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A Drop Of Sunshine. Living With Purpose

May 27, 2020

WHO does she think she is? She is a force of impact, confident and determined. She is quite frankly unconcerned with judgement, going after her God given gifts unapologetically. She is CONFIDENT in who she is, what she believes and the reason she has a beating heart — not based on the foundation of money, fame or status. She understands the depth of purpose— how life without it is meaningless and her time on earth to fulfill it is short. We live in a world of filled with judgment and criticism from people we may or may not have a relationship with. So many people do not go after where they feel called due to the fear of this, not realizing the cost. if we are not careful we can allow the opinions of others to keep us from being in swing with our full potential and it quickly spirals as a block in the way of our calling. There are books that need to be written, career paths that need to be taken, courses that need to made.. you name it. In episode 66 of A Drop of Sunshine podcast Daphne gives you the wake up call you may need to go after that whisper string in your heart. She gets real with you on the cost of allowing other peoples insecurities and opinions to dictate your life.     Discount Code:  daphne10

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