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A Drop Of Sunshine. Living With Purpose

Jan 28, 2020

Life is truly a precious gift. Tomorrow is never promised. As the world mourns the loss of legend, Kobe Bryant and 8 others in a tragic accident, it brings a true reminder and eye opener to the realization we can go any minute. Whether you have a week left on earth or 50 more years, our hearts will all eventually stop beating. It’s so easy to get caught up in unimportant stresses of life that we think are problems then get stuck in things like not forgiving, resentment, bitterness.. list goes on.  Let’s not get stuck in these things that are stealing the place of love, freedom and living a life of purpose. In episode 53 of A Drop of Sunshine podcast I share my heart and dive deeper with all of the above.     Discount Code:  daphne10

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