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A Drop Of Sunshine. Living With Purpose

Feb 11, 2020

We can do all the preparing in the world but there’s a point we come to that’s out of our control. It’s a point to rest and wait having clarity you’ve done everything in your power. There’s just no more preparation you can do. It’s now out of your control. After forty weeks of pregnancy, filling my mind with truth, reading all the books to prepare for an at home water birth, I just watched my due date pass before my eyes with a baby still very comfy in my belly. Sometimes you can’t eat enough spicy food, break out enough dance moves or bounce enough times on a yoga ball to get labor started. Maybe you’re in a place in life where you’ve prepared all that you can, like becoming the best healed version of you for a future spouse but still haven’t met the one. Maybe you’re still working tirelessly towards that dream job that still hasn’t come into fruition. I understand you. Episode 55 of A Drop of Sunshine is calling your name!     Discount Code:  daphne10

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