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A Drop Of Sunshine. Living With Purpose

May 7, 2019

We talk about purpose, mindset, vision, all these important topics for a quality life in the podcast but we’ve left out a topic that comes before it all! A restful night of sleep is key to every aspect of our lives. From focus, energy, hormones, mood, drive, relationships.. The list goes on. When you get a restful night of sleep it is a game changer. You may be reading this and struggle with sleep. Maybe you even struggle with insomnia. When I used to work overnight hours, I was deprived of sleep and have narrowed done a specific list of things that have changed the game for me. In this episode, I share the very things I do to improve the quality of my sleep and overcome insomnia. Do them and they’ll help you too!


As promised, here’s the link to the blue light blocking glasses I use:


Also, here’s the link to where I get my essential oils for sleep:


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