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A Drop Of Sunshine. Living With Purpose

Feb 4, 2020

Life is full of circumstances we cannot control. There are moments we must surrender, feel the emotion, let out the tears, then bounce back. Maybe your house is upside down, you’re in the middle of an unforeseen delay, have pending unfinished projects, in the midst of career changes, dealing with postpartum blues. You are not alone. No one has it all together no matter what cookie cutter lifestyle they portray on social media. In episode 54 of A Drop of Sunshine podcast I get vulnerable and share how my late stage pregnancy hormones have been off the wazoo and left me with tears multiple times. I have learned to surrender, let the tears out, knowing it’s temporary and eventually I’ll bounce back.  Life is full of ups and downs, circumstances we cannot control and crazy hormones! Time to hand the key to Jesus and know you’re doing the best you can and still awesome. If this resonates, episode 54 of A Drop of Sunshine podcast is one you will not want to miss!     Discount Code:  daphne10

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