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A Drop Of Sunshine. Living With Purpose

Jul 16, 2019

Setting a goal, making plans for the weekend, dreaming about an extraordinary life at the next level. These are all fantastic things to celebrate in life but when our happiness is put on hold until we reach that goal or leave that 9 to 5, life can get miserable FAST. 

What happens when we reach the goal we worked so hard for? We get super excited for thirty seconds then on to the next thing. What if I tell you joy can not only be found in the destination but more importantly, in the journey of who you’re becoming along the way? Life is happening FOR you, not against you.

When we look for what’s going wrong, we’ll find it 100% of the time. When we’re looking for things to be grateful for, we will find it! In episode 25 of A Drop of Sunshine, I share how to stay present and take responsibility no matter what storm or season life hands you. 


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