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A Drop Of Sunshine. Living With Purpose

Mar 19, 2019

When I worked a corporate job, I wish I took tallies on the number of times I heard countdowns in a day.. countdowns until Friday.. dreading Monday. Countdowns until the end of a shift.. countdowns until vacation.

How has this become normal and how have we accepted this thing?! What if we were created for so much more? To live life abundantly filled with purpose.

What if we never really needed a reason to countdown? To fully embrace where we are in any given moment, enjoying the process?

I’m not saying every day is going to be sunshine even if you love your job but I’m talking getting sick on Sunday evening, dreading every single Monday. Awww-fulllll!

When you countdown, you can’t live in the present and it tells every single person in the room you don’t want to be there which becomes contagious negative energy.

When you’re living your purpose, you feel FULFILLED, you’re serving others, and making a difference. If you’re not, time to make a change. If you are at your job for a paycheck, time to make a change. If you are counting down until Friday every single week, time to make a change. I’m not saying drop everything right now and leave but start making a plan.. Start exploring different things on the side. Find what you truly love and figure out how to make money doing that thing. If you don’t change, your situation remains the same.

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