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A Drop Of Sunshine. Living With Purpose

Mar 12, 2019

COMPARISON! The death of joy.. the roadblock to your purpose. In a world where social media RULES, this is extremely important to understand. There is pressure to compare at every angle coming at us (ESPECIALLY WOMEN).. why? I don't know! Women can be vicious.. especially on social media. 

One of two things happen when we compare ourselves 1. You find someone else doing better than you & you get discouraged or 2. You find yourself doing better & get a sense of pride.

When you realize you were beautifully & uniquely created, with gifts & talents NO ONE else in this world has, you realize there is no such thing as comparison & can not only strive to become the best version of yourself, fine tuning your gifts but you get to cheer one another on. It feels so good to empower one another!


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